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About Us

Dora's Naturals is a privately owned distributor of natural and organic perishable products and is part of a family of companies all family-owned, which include

Elmhurst Dairy

New York City's only milk plant, Elmhurst Dairy produces conventional pasteurized milk and is one of the largest milk processors in NY State.


Mountainside Farms

Located in the Catskill Mountains, Mountainside produces a variety of organic, kosher and specialty pasteurized milks as well as cultured dairy products.


Steuben Foods

With its R&D facility and corporate headquarters in Jamaica, Queens and a 400,000 sq. ft. facility on a 100+ acre site in Elma, NY., Steuben Foods is North America's leading low acid, aseptic manufacturer.

Our Brands

Dora's is proud to distribute the Zen, Evolve and Mountainside Farms brands. These brands represent our commitment to local, healthy natural products. Zen offers soy-based beverages and puddings, while Evolve offers both drinkable and spoonable Kefir products. Mountainside Farms offers organic and specialty pasteurized milk


Deliciously indulgent and healthy, we believe in organic good-for-you soy milks and puddings that are perfect for the entire family.


Evolve Kefir is a low fat, probiotic smoothie that tastes great, promotes digestive health, and enhances the immune system.



Just ultra pure milk.
We Promise!

Brand Partners

Customized Distribution Services

Dora's is equipped to be your full service distribution solution. Not only do we distribute throughout the metro New York with our high service DSD model, we also operate as a Central Distribution Center with reach throughout the Northeastern U.S.


Distribution Solutions:

    3rd Party Logistics

    We offer 3PL warehousing and distribution services as a Central Distribution Center and have the ability to consolidate fresh products from throughout the country for daily distribution.

    North East

    We handle items with as little as 2-3 days’ code date and handle a variety of products with very specific temperature storage requirements.


    We handle such perishable fresh products and ensure optimal freshness through cold chain control as well as product delivery accuracy through our rigorous pick and audit program.


    Providing a host of reporting options to our customers as we believe transparency between our organization and our partners fosters efficient growth.

Customer Service

We're Trusted by Over 2,200 Customers.

Dora’s Naturals delivers to over 4,000 store locations in the tri-state area reaching as far south as Virginia and reaching as far north as New Hampshire.

Through our hybrid distribution and merchandising system, Dora’s Naturals effectively delivers and services large, high volume supermarkets, national drug and natural food chains as well as small independent accounts and on-premise/food-service locations.

Dora’s also acts as a regional Central Distribution Center, delivering many different perishable product categories throughout the Northeastern U.S., 6 days per week.

While Dora’s serves multiple channels of distribution (Traditional Supermarket, Natural Foods, Independent/Specialty, Drug and on-premise for craft beer) it has a dedicated team and management structure for each channel.


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